3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0
3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0
3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0
3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0

3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0

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Dieses Produkt ist nur für die Snapmaker 2.0-Serie geeignet und derzeit nicht mit Snapmaker Original kompatibel.

Overall features:

  • Ein völlig neues Kühlsystem für eine bessere Kühlwirkung und schnelleren Druck
  • Mechanismus zur schnellen Freigabe des heißen Endes für einfacheren Austausch und Wartung
  • Verbesserte Extrusionskomponenten für höhere Druckqualität
  • Integrierter Induktionssensor für die Autonivellierung
  • Filament run out sensor equipped for quick recovery
  • Es werden mehrere Materialien unterstützt, darunter PLA, Holz PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, usw.

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3D Druckmodul
for Snapmaker 2.0

Verbessertes Kühlsystem

Feel the power of the newly upgraded cooling system, which features better cooling effect delivering both faster printing speed and higher printing quality. The corners of the printed object are especially more delicate than ever.

Compatible with Dozens of Materials

The 3D Printing Module is compatible with a wide range of materials including PLA, Wood PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, etc. Unlock unlimited possibilities with this powerful module.


Holz PLA



Visible Loading and Unloading

We have fine-tuned the 3D printing module to make loading and unloading visible, facilitating filament loading and nozzle changing.

Smart Auto Leveling

The induction sensor makes leveling the Heated Bed a breeze. In just a few taps, smart Auto Leveling is done. The result is good adhesion and reliable 3D printing.

Wiederherstellung von Filamentauslauf

Thanks to the filament runout sensor embedded in the module, the machine will report the runout and recover the printing job after you replace the filament, giving you more freedom to print large objects with peace of mind.

Replace and Maintain with Ease

The Hot End comes with an innovative quick release design, enabling easier replacement and maintenance.



50–300 microns


0,4 mm

Max Nozzle Temperature


Unterstützte Materialien

PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, wood filled PLA, and more being tested



Package Weight

0.8 kg

Package Size (W × D × H)

160.5 × 112 × 73 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Joachim Pieters

Sehr gute Seite, für den Modelbau sehr zu empfehlen

John Fiott
This tool head does the job

I bought this tool head after adding a second cooling fan to my original tool head because I reasoned that it probably has other improvements that may not have been made public. All I can say is that it works very well. My prints have definitely improved, although I am not sure if this is all just due to the tool head itself and not also to firmware improvements released by Snapmaker. Anyway, my previous issues with visible layer lines seem to have greatly diminished, so I can say I am happy with this tool head.

Sandro Bilbeisi
Amazing Print Head v2

The renovated printing head is amazing ! So far it has been flawless , with not a single failed print ; Using it to its full potential , however, may require a highly experienced user.

Michael Scott
Feeling the heat

I recently found myself with a printing bed that went AWOL. I contacted SM support and was presently surprised at the quick reply to my issue. They gave me some steps to take and walked me through a process on how to send them information from my SM 2.0 350. Two days was all it took for them to see what my issue was and take steps to fix it.

In the end my printer bed thermostat quit on me. So a new one was inbound at no cost to me and support checks in on me daily to see if the item has arrived yet.
I am a disabled veteran and I have problems Communicating most times with others. My handicap was taken into consideration by support and with mails / follow up mails. I felt the SM support exceeded my expectations on all levels.
I highly support Snapmaker from sales, building, and support. I was not another number to them. I was treated as part of their family.