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Snapmaker Ray
20W & 40W Laser Engraver and Cutter

High power diode laser cutter of good value.


Snapmaker Artisan Modular 3D Printer

Turn Your Desktop Into a Workshop

Up to €350 off

Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3-in-1 3D Printer

A Powerful and Expandable Modular System

A350T €1999 €2349 | A250T €1699 €1949


Snapmaker J1/J1s High Speed IDEX 3D Printer

IDEX Made Faster

Customer Reviews

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  • siraya tech

    @Laurent Moutoussamy

    I'll teach mechanic differently now!

  • siraya

    @Eduardo Torres-Flores

    New ideas coming to live with the CNC rotary module. Each piece took around 2 hours. Using color pencils and glossy wood sealer made them looks very well.

  • siraya

    @Mike Dyer

    Laser etched project made on my Snapmaker 2.0 for the kids to pick flowers with grandma. Put the stems of your real flowers into the holes to complete the project ;)

  • siraya tech

    @Mary Baratta

    Here's how all my wedding prints, laser, cnc, cuts, etc all came out!
    Thank god for this hobby I was able to make my wedding theme come to life.

  • siraya tech


    His name is Ruben, he is not verbose, but he has a big inner life

  • siraya tech

    @Jordan Williams

    Love the snapmaker more and more every time I use it.

  • siraya tech


    This is my latest diyproject a lasercut chessgame made on my snapmaker 2.0 A350 with the 10w laser module I always wanted to be a toymaker.

  • siraya tech

    @Michael Hudson

    I just finished a new project! This Peg Game uses all 3 Snapmaker Modules: The CNC to cutout the Base, the 3D Printer to print Pegs, and the Laser Engraver for the bottom Engraving. Simple yet Nostalgic.

Media Evaluation

The Snapmaker is a hybrid 3D printer, laser etcher, and CNC cutter all in one machine. This isn't the first hybrid we've tested, and while hybrids are capable of doing all the tasks they advertise, they tend to do so with compromises. But with the Snapmaker, I still found it to be a great little printer.


Performing an admirable job across three distinct functions, the Snapmaker is a maker’s dream tool for small-scale work. There are better individual tools that cost less than the Snapmaker’s $799, but few, if any, that challenge it for 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving all in one.

siraya tech

The Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D printer doesn’t pretend to be anything it is not. The presentation and ease of assembly are testament to a company who is clear in their objective, to provide an entry level and affordable solution for those seeking an introduction to not only 3D printing, but the broader world of Makers.

3D Printing Insustry

It's the best 3D printer packaging I've seen in my life, and I've used many 3D printers over the last years. The assembly process was really easy. Even a friend found it easy, and she didn’t have any previous experience with 3D printing.


Agustin Flowalistik