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What Can You Print with a 3D Printer

What Can You Print with a 3D Printer

Nateli wu |

The possibilities are practically endless when you have a home 3D printer at your disposal. You can print practically anything that your mind can conjure and that you can design in 3D design software. But here’s the problem: you’ll soon become buried in objects that you neither want to need.

Sure, owning a 3D printer is exciting. However, it is easy to get swept up in a tide of mediocrity. While your 3D printer will allow you to explore the potential of your creativity, you shouldn’t give into the temptation to print just for the sake of it.

If you have an itch to print and are wondering what you can print with your 3D printer, we’re here to help. Below we discuss various projects that are practical and interesting. You may want to incorporate some into your 3D print 2022 schedule.

  1. Measuring cups and spoons

What could be more practical or useful than measuring cups and spoons? These utensils are useful for measuring both liquids and powders. They can be used in the kitchen as well as other parts of the home to ensure accuracy. 3D printing measuring cups and spoons are a great way to create utensils in the design and color that you love. You can fully customize your utensils to match your preferences. Ever dreamt of having measuring cups worthy of a wizard? Well, here’s your chance.

3D printing these utensils aren't just great for customizing your kitchen utensils but also for practice in 3D printing. This is a great opportunity to test your accuracy in designing items for 3D printing.

  1. Bag clips

Sticking with the kitchen theme, here’s another practical item to 3D print. Bag clips are great for keeping items fresh and ensuring nothing gets into your bags. You can 3D print bags clips in any design and color you desire. You can even print them in a size that suits different types of bags.

Ever wanted dragon claw shaped bag clips? Here’s your opportunity to create bag clips that will motivate you to keep bags locked and items fresh. Lost a bag clip or two? No need to run to the store. You can 3D print your own at home.

  1. A desk lamp

Want to add a more personal touch to your décor? Looking for a way to brighten up your workspace? A unique desk lamp is a great way to go. If you’ve searched all your favorite stores and have come up empty, you should try 3D printing a desk lamp in a style that suits you.

There are lots of printing plans available online. You can adapt any of these plans to suit your preferences and personal style. You may even find that you have a knack for designing unique and beautiful lamps that other people would love to own. This may end up being a great way o make some extra money.

  1. Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are a great way to keep reminders and other important items in full view. Fridge magnets come in a variety of styles and this is your opportunity to create magnets that meet your personal style and preferences.

3D printing magnets is your opportunity to get creative with design while learning to incorporate other materials into your 3D prints. You will have to find creative ways to embed the magnets into your 3D prints.

  1. Game figurines

Do you love to play board games? Does your kid love to play with figurines? Are you disappointed with the figurines available on the market? Here’s your opportunity to explore your creativity. You can 3D print figurines for your board games or for your child in the design and size that you prefer. You can create figurines in unique poses for different parts of your game. This is a great way to bring your board games to life. You can also create unique figurines for your games or for your child.

It’s important to note that there is a good market for figurines. This is especially for popular role playing games. If you have a knack for designing and 3D printing figurines you may consider earning something from your hobby.

  1. Phone cases

Are you tired of your phone case? Do you feel like you have to settle for what is available whenever you purchase a phone case? Our phones are practically a part of us. We go everywhere with our phones. They also help us carry out various tasks throughout the day. It makes sense to personalize your phone case. There’s no better way to do this than to 3D print your phone case.

3D printing a phone case is not only a great way to explore your creativity and personal style but also to hone your skills in creating precision designs. You can print phone cases for other members of your family or for friends to get more practice with different sizes and requirements. You may even find that you can turn your pastime into a profit making activity.

  1. Pencil holder

While we carry out many of our tasks digitally, we still rely heavily on pens and pencils to write. A pencil holder is not only practical, but also a great way to add some of your personal flair to your workspace. You can design a truly unique desk organizer and print it out. This is a great and simple 3D printing project to try.

  1. Key holder

Key holders are essential for keeping your keys organized. For some, they are a great accessory for bags and other items. 3D printing your key holder gives you the opportunity to make a fashion statement. It also allows you to create a key holder that is practical for your needs. For example, you may print a key holder that comes with some extra features such as an address plate and clips.

If you’re looking for items to 3D print, consider adding the above items to your list. They’re practical and a great way to hone your skills.