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How to Buy 3d Printed Christmas Decorations

How to Buy 3d Printed Christmas Decorations

Nateli wu |

Christmas is a magical season for the young and old alike. Every person gets into the Christmas spirit when the lights come up. So, how can you make your Christmas special and unique and stand out from the rest of the households? Simple! Think 3D-printed Christmas decorations.

Now, if you own a 3D printer, like the Snapmaker 2.0, you can print your own 3D Christmas decorations and objects. But if you don't, all is not lost. You can still buy 3D-printed Christmas decorations.

What if you don't have an idea where to start? Well, this article sheds some light on how to buy 3D-printed Christmas decorations and ten 3D-printed things you should buy.

The 3D Grinch Figurine Just because the Grinch hates Christmas and everything about it is no reason not to celebrate. Having the hairy, mean, and green Grinch will add character to your festivities and set your home apart from your neighbors and friends. The Grinch lives in a cave, but this Christmas, show him how much fun he's been missing by inviting him to your home!

1. Christmas Cookies

No Christmas is ever complete without cookies, right? So, why not embrace a tradition of buying 3D-printed cookies? The array of cookie options at your disposal is breathtaking, to say the least! Whether you prefer Christmas tree-shaped cookies, cookies shaped like stars, or Father Christmas, among others, the possibilities are endless. Anything that catches your fancy, regardless of the shape, 3D printing can make it a reality.

2. Multi-Part Christmas Trees

It is true the more great Christmas stuff we get, the merrier the occasion. So, for this Christmas, why have a single Christmas tree when you can get many? Thanks to 3D printing, this is a possibility. You can get a wide variety of Christmas trees, for instance, a tree with up to 3 layers incorporated into the files. This offers you a tree, gifts, decorations, plus space to hang lights on the tree. Fancy, isn't it?

With the repertoire of print options offered by 3D printing, you can buy many distinctive trees printed by the same files to give you the best Christmas ever. And the best news, you'll find different-colored trees to spice up your space.

3. Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

One question that we struggle with every Christmas season; to purchase new ornaments and decorations or use the previous year's? Fortunately, this year, we have a splendid idea to make the festive season unforgettable-personalized 3D-printed tree decorations and ornaments.

You can find lots of different Christmas models and designs at your local store, and the choice is yours! And that's not all. The array of extras is stunning, including decorations adorned with glitter and color.

4. Large Multi-Piece Snowman

It is not a must to wait for the snow to fall to make your own snowman. If your region doesn't have snow, or it isn't consistent enough to maintain your snowman, 3D printing has got your back. All you have to do is buy your frosty figure made by 3D printing technology.

The best thing about 3D printing is parts of the snowman can be printed separately, then assembled later to create a large snowman measuring up to 180 mm at the base and 320 mm high! Make your front yard come alive with this snowman, courtesy of 3D printing.

5. Christmas Reindeer

Why have Santa Claus and leave out his reindeer while you can have it all, all thanks to 3D printing? So, head out to your local store, buy 3D printed reindeer, complete with the sledge, and make your Christmas décor look like a million dollars.

6. Star Christmas Tree Topper

According to the Biblical story of Jesus' birth, the three wise men were guided by a star to where the newborn was. Why not recreate that scene by including a 3D-printed Star of Bethlehem in your Christmas décor? All you have to do to make the Nativity scene come alive is place the star on top of your Christmas tree. Better yet, you can buy designs that you can place on top of your table and not just atop the tree.

7. Window 3D Decorations

Decorating your windows during Christmas adds that extra-special elegance and beauty to your décor. You can even add them to your office or business premises windows to attract curious clients. Some of the 3D Christmas decorations include artificial snow, glitter, adhesive pictures, and a myriad of stickers, all stuck creatively on your windows.

8. Christmas 3D-Printed Snowflakes

Lack of snow at Christmas doesn't mean you can't improvise with 3D printing. This is an exciting concept since the whole object is printed flat, then when you buy it, you can detach the different parts to make many snowflakes. Can you beat that?

9. Little 3D Christmas Village

If you love decorating your house for the Christmas season, then the 3D-printed Christmas village is right up your alley. You can buy different models of mini houses that will infuse a special Christmas feeling into your home. Better yet, you can add LED lights inside the houses to take the visual effect to the next level.

With a little creativity and purchasing acumen, you can easily develop an entirely personalized Christmas village. Also, you can expand your village every Christmas season by checking what new 3D-printed objects your local shop has added.

3D Printing Simplified by Snapmaker

There you have it! We know this article has opened your eyes to the limitless possibilities of 3D printing and how 3D printers like the Snapmaker 2 can transform your Christmas into something special.

As mentioned before, not having a 3D printer is not enough reason not to get amazing and cutting-edge Christmas decorations and adornments. All you have to do is do a little research and window shopping in your local stores.

Finally, what if your creative juices are screaming to get out and design your very own customized 3D Christmas decorations? Not to worry, Just check out the 3D printer options available at and make your purchase. We promise a whole new world of 3D printing possibilities that will transform your life!