PLA-gloeidraad (1 kg)
PLA-gloeidraad (1 kg)
PLA-gloeidraad (1 kg)
PLA-gloeidraad (1 kg)
PLA-gloeidraad (1 kg)
PLA-gloeidraad (1 kg)

PLA-gloeidraad (1 kg)

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Bestellingen worden binnen 3-5 werkdagen na betalingsbevestiging verzonden. Als uw bestelling bij de Snapmaker 2.0 wordt geplaatst, wordt deze met uw Snapmaker 2.0 verzonden.

Een (1) spoel PLA-gloeidraad (1 kg)

PLA-gloeidraad is het meest populaire materiaal dat wordt gebruikt bij FDM 3D-printen. Het is ideaal voor een breed scala aan toepassingen.

PLA Filament (1kg)


High quality
Minimal warp
Ease of printing
Smooth extrusion
High dimensional accuracy
1.75 mm (±0.03 mm) diameter
Wide applicability
Compatible with most 3D printers
Extracted and purified from corn grain, degradable
Improved mechanical properties
Less cracking problem


Weight: 1 kg
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Length: 330 m / 360.89 "'
Spool Size: 200 × 65 mm / 7.87 × 2.56 "
Printing Temperature: 190 ℃ - 210 ℃
Heated Bed Temperature: 25 ℃ - 60 ℃
Density: 1.24 (g/cm²)
Printing Speed: user-defined
MFR: (g/10 min): 5 (190 ºC/2.16 kg) / (190 ºC/4.76 lbs.)
Tensile strength: 66 / MPa
Elongation at break: 9%
Bending Strength: 98 / MPa
Flexural Modulus: 3640 / MPa
HDT: 60 ℃

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Marshel Glidden
Works well with snapmaker OG

I haven't gotten into my kg of white yet, but the black prints very well.

I noted the first meter was very brittle and snapped on me a few times, though that could be due to the mass and orientation of the reel.

Herman Zwiers

PLA Filament (1kg)

Robert Lynch
Happy Australian owner

Bought with an open mind, all expectations exceeded, first 2 prints with no issues and the manual was a dream to follow.

ian Jacobs
PLA Print

I Printed the Tokamak fusion reactor power plant and 1.8m FU4 Corsair IIWW plane. I have a Makerbot ABS 3d Printer but the Snapmaker is a better printer.
Thanks for a great product.

Trevor Popple
Blue and red not so much

Black white and grey work great. If you are new then please pay attention to the differences in colours as they all have different additives cusing different structures or composites. This means temperature, adhesion to bed, curling mad every other factor is changed.

I say this because as a new user I wanted to return them. I never contacted support because I wanted to rule out user error which as it turns out is of course one of the biggest issues with new tech. It's new!!

Persistence and patience are required to turn things into art.

A machine does not make it idiot proof. It just makes it easier to progress.

A 3 star because there are no warnings for new users or obvious disclaimers so we see the same thing all the time with new users in the support groups. Snap maker builds them up to make it sound like it's never going to have problems, as a new user you learn that's all there is, is problems...

That's where the art comes in, taking something and making it ordered out of chaos.