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Assembled it mostly correctly!

I'm really happy with the device and flexibility, though I've only done a few demo projects. The below is meant to be feedback to company, and warning to fellow builders.
Only had the y axis bars off, yes despite the clear impression for them. May have damaged them slightly when they collided/ground against the enclosure... They still work, they just seem louder than the others. It doesn't seem to have a a shutoff of "attempting to move, but not moving" which is surprising.
I wish I could remove the device out the side. Lifting off the enclosure it a PITA.
I had to grind one of my enclosure supports down about 1/8 of an inch? Took me 10min with a dremel.

The machine is amazing ... in my opinion it's a great buy

Printer Only Review

Printer arrived on time and I was very impressed with the packaging. Reflected a similar packaging of an Apple product. I tried the printer and was very satisfied, not as good as an industrial printer but very high quality for personal use. The AT is claimed to be quieter but I feel the 2.0 is fine as it is. As for the lazar and CNC I have not yet tried them out but for the printer, I would recommend it highly..

Modulo laser ad alta potenza Snapmaker 10 W

Safety First

The stop button installed in minutes. I tested it. Works. I have not had to use it, but other members of the family have expressed interest in learning 3D printing. Safety First must be all the time. Worth the money, time, and peace of mind.

Enclosure for Snapmaker 2.0
William Pressgrove
It's OK

I had several screws break while assembling it and now it isn't really secure. The doors are a little clunky, but other tab that it's nice I guess.

Enclosure for Snapmaker 2.0
Michael MacDonald
350 cabinet

The cabinet is great easy to access I’ve been using it everyday

Definite Upgrade

This is a big upgrade from the 1600mw standard laser. I really like the wide angle camera lens that takes a single picture of the work area. The Camera light for some reason doesn't illuminate when taking a picture and I haven't seen how to manually turn it on either. I've had it a month and it is working great so far. This cuts faster than I expected.

A hopeful update to Luban would be a projective calculator that would allow you to run an "etch/cut test" on any material to determine probable etching or cutting parameters. This would save so much time rather than multiple trial & error attempts.

Snap Maker A350 10w Laser

So far I have been super pleased with it! It has done a great job. I have been burning pictures and drawings on pine wood!

Clogs, stalls, and can't auto calibrate

The unit clogs more often than the original printnhead ever did. Sometimes I find that the filament just stops feeding for no reason. Recently the auto calibration of the bed is unusable, it attempts to calibrate at the very top of the vertical axis. I've tried all kinds of ways to fix it, but I'm kinda stuck with a module that is useless at this point.

Modulo di alimentazione per Snapmaker 2.0

Love the Power

The 10 Watt power is great. Need more guidelines on power and speed settings.

I recommend this

The Air Purifier works really well with the 10-watt laser. I did not smell any burning when cutting 1.5 mm plywood.

PLA Filament (500g)
Rebecca Ziegler-Koch
Never got it

I never received my "free" order.

Hi friend,

Thanks for reaching out to Snapmaker!

We have contacted my logistics colleague, and she will check the latest status of your package.
If there is any update, we will let you know via email.

If the package is confirmed as lost, we will ship a replacement to you.

We hope it is helpful for you.
If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.
Have a nice day.

Best regards
Support Team

Solid Printhead!

When the head is dialed in with settings works great!

Very nice

This little printer (snapmaker original) is a very High-quality tool with easy-to-use software, I would recommend to anyone who prefers quality.

CNC Platform

This is my second one...The first one was trimmed so many times already. Got to be more careful with my depths while cutting. When can we expect a more powerful cnc upgrade?

I'm So Glad I Got It

I am new to all things 3D, doing it actively for a only few months. This is my 2nd printer: 1st one is a Dremel 3D45 that was loaned to me by a friend.

After watching a few reviews and builds on Youtube, I was expecting at least some 'complications' during my build. However, having the first print going (from a boxed state to a working state) in 2Hrs had proven otherwise. I am mechanically inclined but building things is my hobby, not a trade. I actually caught myself trying to enjoy the build process a bit longer, all I can say it was 2Hrs of pure enjoyment.

I kept thinking: the team that designed and built this machine did so with passion and love. I know this sounds cheezy, and am rarely dispensing such praise for any product. But that is how it felt.

Printing a test model and comparing it to the one that came off my first printer, I could not believe how much better the A350T's print quality was. I am mostly into dimensional models, and strive to achieve dimensional accuracy with tolerance under 0.1mm. I know, this is not a tall order but some dimensions (like internal diameter of a hole) can be hard to reproduce properly, at least for some part orientation. I did not fiddle with the profiles yet, just copied my PLA settings I used for 3D45 in Cura, and sliced the model using Cura. I had a quick look at Luban 3D and decided to stick with software I already know somewhat. Finally, I printed the model using PLA filament Snapmaker provided.

Here are my issues that have caused some minor frustration:

1. Cable management. Looks like, by the time design was mostly complete, whoever was in charge of cabling had ran out of patience. You simply cannot cripple such a beautiful creation with a wad of cables sticking out in all directions, and sometimes even catching on linear rails! At the very least, make cables long enough so that users can put them into drag chains themselves, without having to extend cabling and solder Molex connectors, all while voiding the product warranty.

2. As I used Cura, I could not make the printer read .gcode file from a USB stick (I tried three different ones, all in FAT32 format) until I installed Luban software and let it find my printer. I have no idea if I did something wrong: the printer could see the volume information directory on the USB stick, but not the .gcode file that was copied into the root directory, which makes no sense. Oh, and there's got to be an easier way to assign a static IP in Luban, without having to create DNS file entries.

I will probably notice more things later, once the excitement dies down a bit. And, I haven't tried CNC and Laser modules yet.

Overall, a very satisfying experience thus far, my novice status notwithstanding. Thank you for a great product!

CNC Bits (5 Bits)
Bruce Morrison
Excellent performance

These bits are sharp and accurate. Clean burr free cuts.

Endlich leiser und weiterhin super Qualität

Endlich ist das Gerät sehr schön leise. Top

Flowless service!

All good as usual with Snapmaker!!

PLA Filament (1kg)
Kortmann Ulrich Josef

it´s wel done

Excellent machine

Couldn't say enof only used 3d part so far but amazing even how good ur basic machines run very impressed for a veteran 3d printer user

Great Functionality for the Price

While it's not the highest quality printer on the market and struggles some with heating and cooling (I don't have the enclosure), it is a great value for a starter machine if you can catch it on one of the frequent sales.

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No worry